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Promotion Fridge Magnets
Promotion Fridge Magnets

Epoxy Magnet
Epoxy Magnet

Acrylic magnet
Acrylic Magnet

Tin magnet
Tin Magnet

Metal magnet
Metal Magnet

Magnetic Bookmark
Magnetic Bookmark

wholesale souvenir tin magnet-magnets and print
Wholesale Souvenir Tin Magnet

promo museum acrylic fridge magnet
Promo Museum Acrylic Fridge Magnet

magnetic photo frame
Magnetic Photo Frame

promo refrigerator magnet
Promo Refrigerator Magnet

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Round Fridge Magnets

the smurfs fridge magnet
The Smurfs Fridge Magnet

Fridge Magnets,  Metal Magnets,  Promotion Magnets,  Refrigerator Magnets

fridge magnets, Metal magnets, promotion magnets, refrigerator magnets
Or simply given away as a promotional item. 
Fridge magnets that are perfect for retail sale.

Your design is printed with full color onto gloss paper, then stick on a soft magnet.

More info:

First, we manufacture thousands of promotional fridge magnets for all types of businesses.

We also supply wholesale to print companies and advertising agencies.

More than 80% of all households have magnets on their fridges.

Second, also we view the fridge door on average 40 times a day.

Repeat exposure makes it easy for people to find you and contact you.

Low unit cost per magnet means a high return on your marketing investment.

Shipping and Payment Term Of Personalised Fridge Magnets:
  • We generally ship goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port of destination.

         You are responsible for picking up your shipment and Customs clearance on your side.

  • We accept small, trial orders that need to be shipped by air or by express.
  • We accept T/T and Western Union.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on shipping or payment, we will be happy to assist you.

Custom Promotional Fridge Magnets by Fedic Craft

Buy high-quality and superlative promotional fridge magnets, custom refrigerator magnets, and personalized fridge magnet at economical prices only from

Fedic Craft Co., Ltd. is among the leading and most eminent manufacturers of fridge magnet in China. Having the experience and skills to create magnificent magnets, we are known to be the best suppliers of fridge magnets at home as well as abroad. If you are looking for the best organization that can bring your distinctive imagination to life, than you have arrives on the right platform, we are well qualified in the provision of high-class personalized fridge magnets, honoring your demands.

Ever since the inception of our company, Fedic Craft, we are offering our clients with practically never extinguishing variety of fridge magnets in different shapes, vivid colors and various sizes. We also entertain the diverse requirements of consumers and produce custom refrigerator magnets according to their demarcated specifications. We are also participating in supplying impressive and engaging promotional fridge magnets of all types, containing a diverse variety of conspicuous, unique and awe-inspiring ideas. Promotional fridge magnets are among our most popular articles, proving an exceptional promotional solution. They are cost-effective and substantial for brands promotion.

At Fedic Craft, we are offering a wide range of fridge magnets that can either be printed or engraved, depending upon the custom specifications of our clients. With the help of state of the art machinery and a large assortment of cutting and shaping tools, we can assemble magnets in unique and exclusive shapes.

Being the specialized manufacturers of fridge magnets, we highly stress on the production of eco-friendly and scratch/ water resistant magnets to enhance their lifespan. Our produced magnets are lightweight and non-poisonous. Fridge magnets from Fedic Craft are safe, aesthetic, and excellent for gifting or advertising purposes.

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