Ole-Bay Scenic Spot

scenic spot souvenir gifts

scenic spot souvenir gifts

scenic spot souvenir gifts

Ole-Bay Scenic Spot, the first AAA scenic spot of Jinxiang

Oley-Bay Scenic Spot was named AAA scenic spot a few days ago, which is situated at Shiping, Jinxiang Cangnan, Wenzhou City.

It is ideal for summer resort, vocation and leisure complex.

The total area is about 53 square kilometers,  and principal range runs north to south.

Ole-Bay Scenic Spot includes the Ole-Bay water park,  Yuntai Mountain and The Central Head Stone.

Ole-Bay water park, the most famous one of Ole-Bay Scenic Spot, is the first international Europeanism water park of

the southeast coast of China. You can exhaust all her scenic spots within a few days.

Living in Ole Villa to experience the life of seaside, and taking a boat to enjoy the sea view will are all abiding memories.

You can taste fresh seafood in the seafood restaurant.  And also, you can buy scenic spot souvenir gifts for your family and friends. Fridge Magnets, badges and key ring with the view sell well.

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